• low angled view of swimming pool with ski hill in background | diving board set on boulder and stone pool coping | rustic post and beam pergola next to pool
  • swimming pool overlooking valley | flagstone pool deck
  • cabana with open sides next to swimming pool | tilted roof supported by timber posts and beam | outdoor furniture arranged inside cabana
  • outdoor sauna on rocky shoreline | water reflecting people on deck
  • walkway to home entrance | custom poured concrete with stone tile inlay | bollard light fixtures
  • outdoor kitchen with roof overtop | fence with horizontal slats | veneer stone island with stainless steel doors and inset for barbecue | brass drip chain and rain barrel | plexiglass roof allows light through
  • view between lattice panels of raised podium with glass sculpture and stainless steel sheer decent waterfall behind | backdrop of lush evergreen plantings | granite square cut stepping stones lead to circular granite steps and podium wall | granite blocks around stainless steel bowl
  • post and beam house facing escarpment | view of water behind | gravel driveway with flagstone border | ornamental grasses in foreground
  • close up of stone wall and glass deck railing | stainless steel clips connect glass to wood post | reflection on glass rail panel | evergreen tree in raised stone planter | bollard light and ground cover planting in foreground
  • limestone-slabs-entrance-steps-landing-capstone
  • pergola beam spanning width of back yard | outdoor kitchen and deck with outdoor furniture arranged around a fire table | suspended gas heaters | hydrangeas and boxwood in raised planters
  • low angle view of rectangular swimming pool | podium alongside pool has timber post and beam arcade with trough planters set between the posts | colourful flowers in planters | twining flowering vines growing on wire | Tuscan style house with window planters
  • house-entrance-flagstone-stone piers-lushplanting-flowerpots


T. Granger - Guelph, Ontario

Prior to Peter Owen’s involvement, my converted church residence was devoid of any landscaping whatsoever.
A strong visionary hand was required and I was not disappointed - his scale, placement and selection of specimen plant materials, in combination with unique architectural fencing solution was essential in order to blend the old with the new thereby achieving a transformative new look to the property!

M. Picard - Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Landscape Architect Peter Owen’s creative insights unlocked the hidden potential of our cottage property.
His masterfully drawn plan has provided us with a blueprint to move forward!
Without a doubt, it pays to engage the services of an architect prior to working with a contractor.


Peter Owen graduated from the University of Toronto’s Landscape Architecture program in 1982. Since then he has singularly pursued design excellence; acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge in order to implement strong design within landscapes, along the way - from each completed project.

Whether it be a City, Country, or Cottage garden, Peter’s understanding for unique conceptual design in all potential spaces ensures that the client’s needs are completely addressed, and the project always driven by the style and the lifestyle of the homeowner. Peter creates outdoor spaces that are architecturally dynamic, elegant and timeless!

Peter’s keen understanding with structure and detail reveals itself in the built-form essential to today’s garden trend of Outdoor Living: outdoor kitchen / outdoor dining / outdoor living spaces can all have their own unique design vocabulary! Imagine these being set under a custom designed pergola or garden pavilion, or, within a pool cabana - complete with an outdoor fire place. Be it set on a beautiful flagstone patio or a deck - the seasons extended with outdoor heaters; the space lit up dramatically with outdoor landscape lighting! Imagine: being compelled into the outdoor living space by a garden focal point - a water feature, outdoor sculpture, or a fire bowl!



  • We gain a clear picture of your objectives, wish list, and the demands of the site.
  • Offering fresh and insightful ideas to help you visualize your dream landscape.
  • Define scope and provide outline of fees.
On-site Analysis

  • A complete review of existing site conditions.
  • Measure property including topography required to prepare a base plan.
Concept Plans

  • The envisioning process / alternative designs.
  • Hand crafted plan drawn to scale.
  • Sample inspirational images.
  • Review materials and preliminary budget.
Final Plan & Working Drawings

  • A detailed plan is prepared based on approved budget and client choices.
  • Construction details.
  • Plant and grading design.
  • Scope of Work document.
  • Selection of Contractors.
Design Control

  • Custom fabrication.
  • Sourcing materials.
  • On-Site installation & construction inspection.
  • Change & revision control.
  • Final inspection & warranty review.