A Tuscan Garden

 Tuscan Garden

Maple, Ontario

Immediate challenges posed by this relatively compact site was the setback from the creek running across the back of the property, and the raised podium (due to a parking structure beneath), creating a rather narrow space where the pool would logically be situated.
The client had sourced specimen pyramidal cedars to create a continuous hedge across the back of the lot. As I felt this was too static, I proposed an outdoor fireplace as both a focal point for the back yard, and a dramatic backdrop. The cedars were then situated at either end.
Flanking the interior side of the fireplace, and merging with the pool is a masonry wall housing a sheer descent waterfall at the mid point of the pool. Specimen upright yews create the back drop with a row of Karpick Maples beyond. Privacy is thereby achieved using the taller cedars as bookends – thereby creating much more visual interest.
The raised podium terrace was transformed into an intimate  garden “room”  with the addition of a post and beam arcade. The rough sawn cedar timbers have thin threaded wire connecting from the underside of the beam to decorative rectangular pots where twining annual vines can climb thereby creating an intriguing visual separation.

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