Owen Landscape Architect

Peter Owen is the sole-proprietor of Owen Landscape Architect. As a long time member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, he brings a high degree of professionalism and integrity to his work.
Peter has recently shifted his focus from providing consulting work for some of Toronto’s established architectural firms (primarily working on institutional and corporate projects for which he won several prestigious urban design awards), to residential projects, where he applies the same keen sense of detail and versatility to his garden designs.
Peter’s maxim “all properties, have the creative potential, with the right vision – to become exceptional spaces” is applied to all his projects – both big and small. With his ability to conceive space three dimensionally, combined with a clear sense of scale and proportion, Peter is able to work closely with his clients to create timeless signature work.
These skills particularly apply to the current trend of extending living spaces to the outdoors with outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas. The inherent built-form of elements such as: fireplaces water features, fountains, cabanas, gazebos, swimming pools, decks, and architectural structures such as pergolas – can all be woven into a harmonious whole that is spatially inviting and dynamic!

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